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Welcome to 6th Grade.
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We will also be using Cooperative Learning activities throughout the school year and across the curriculum
 to enhance student learning and self-esteem,



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Share Photos and use for
Sample for use on unit
on child poverty

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We have already set up exchanges with classes in Kampala, Uganda, (Africa) (see article)
  and another school in
 KraNuan Thailand
(Visit their website--in Thai)

On line dictionary and thesarus

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For 2006-07, our district has chosen to adopt the new McGraw-Hill/Glencoe textbook, Ancient Civilizations.

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    In 6th Grade Language Arts, we use Holt Language Arts

Narrative  |   Expository   |  Research   |   Persuasive   | Letters/eMail |  Poetry
Time Travel (Soc St only)

Share Photos and use for
Sample for use on unit
on child poverty

Creating A Better World Project.  Starting in November, student groups will be exploring problems in the world today such as Child Poverty, modern day slavery, gun violence, drug addiction and many other possibilities.  Students will choose a problem, research it and then do a class presentation on the issue, using the photo resources of in their Power Points.  The groups will include ways in which we can all do things to help encourage resolution of the problems.
While this project is part of Social Studies, it will incorporate Language Arts Expository and Persuasive writing standards as well as standards for Oral Language and Listening
  Project websites for each group will be created by the students which will feature their group Presentations.  The projects will be presented in mid-January as we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. and recommitt ourselves to his dream of a better world.

During the week prior to Thanksgiving break, students will create a Thanksgiving poem as a single slide power point, which we will then save as a jpeg image file and post on a special website.


During October, student cooperative learning groups created a collaborative Halloween themed story as a Power Point presentation.

Students have finished and uploaded their cooperative learning groups Halloween Short Scary Story which they  created as a Power Point.
The finished projects can be viewed at our Harvey site.

Below are a few examples of a project we didlast year and will again do in the Spring, integrating writing and technology.   
Haiku Project


Also, students will write narrative stories and make short films or power point shows.  We will do this  in October in time for Halloween as part of our Scary Story Project .  See an example of student work.

During Trimester 2, we will focus on expository writing, including a "how to" assignment.  See a delightful example of how to make a Strawberry Smoothie.

   Samples below of just a few of the many Project Based Learning units we do each year.

                                                or updated informationTravel Through Time Project
  In May-June, student teams created a narrative story about traveling through the various civilizations we have learned about this year.  They then created either a Power Point or  an i-Movie chronicling their journey through time.  Example

This was our culminating project for the year.

Some Great websites related to our 6th Grade Curriculum

Social Studies

For detailed standards, see History Page.

Besides the Travel through Time group projects, students will choose one other individual or 2 person project to work on, mostly at home.

Those projects may include:

  • Model or illustrated map of the Great Pyramids of Giza. (See the web link suggested by Emily from another school in California.)
  • An illustrated Greek or Roman Myth (see links below) or a Power Point version of a myth
  • A model of a significant Greek or Roman building
  • A biography of an historically important person of the Greek and Roman eras (Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Alexander, Pericles, Ptolemy, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Marc Anthony, etc.) in either written form or as a power point presentation.
  • A replica art work of the Greek or Roman era (Such as the art work uncovered in Pompeii)
  • Creating an Architectural Model
    Students can create a model of an architecturally important Greek or Roman building.  Web Link
During the first trimester, students will use art to create visual representations of cave art and or facsimilies of ancient artifacts.

During Trimester 2, students will do either a detailed research paper/creative project on one of the ancient civilizations we study in 6th grade OR chose a modern country to do a report on.  Students will then present their project orally using their presentation media in front of the class.  See our Country Report Project Site and examples of outstanding student-made Power Point and Web Site Reports which were developed after the research paper was completed..

Web Links on
 Mesopotamia and Egypt



Web Links on China


Web Links on Ancient India



Web Links on  Greece and Rome



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