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"Looking back" on the 2003-04 School Year

It was a very good year.
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Summer 2004
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  ~We said farewell to our Independence Teacher Academy interns, Jaimie and Trang, on April 19th.
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We truly are the Vinci Park Explorers

Our class isn't standing still -- we are on the move, exploring in the classroom and beyond!
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In early October, our class went to NASA Aerospace Encounter  Using GPS at NASA Aerospace Encounter, our students became members of a simulated space station crew and a Mission Control crew.  They also learned about aeronautics and designed a plane on computer as well as learned about laws of physics while playing fun games.

Later in October, we went sailing out onto Monterey Bay with O'Neill Sea Odyssey. Raising the sail with a heave and a ho on our O'Neill Sea Odyssey trip, students took an amazing voyage into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to learn about Marine ecology, biology and navigation.  In order to earn this trip, our class committed iteslf to doing an ecology project.

Creek Eco-Clean-up
Our class, along with the entire 5th grade from Vinci Park school, have taken on the responsibility of helping to clean litter from our local waterway, Upper Penitencia Creek.  This Adopt-A-Creek project, which will include additional trips in November, March and June, is a way for our students to make a difference in their community.  It is also the service project that allowed us to go on the O'Neill  Sea Odyssey on October 14th. 
View our Award winning
Eco-Action project

This project, started by Mr. Curry in the 2000-2001 school year, was the winner of the Walden West Science Camp Eco-Challenge for 2002-03. On April 21st, we tested the water quality of Penitencia Creek as part of a pilot Windows on Our Watershed environmental unit that Walden West brought to our class. See our students at work

This year, Vinci Park held its first ever Science-O-Rama.  The Science-O-Rama here was at the April 29th Open House.  Our students used the provided display board to either showcase a Science experiment they did or simply show what they learned about in one of their grade level Science content areas.

All students and their parents are asked to read and be familiar with our 
classroom rules and consequences

Looking Back at Trips  This Year
  • Sept. 16th: Eco-Project Hike to Upper Penitencia Creek to do litter clean-up project (2-3 chaperones).
  • October 3rd: NASA Aerospace Encounter at Moffett Field. 
  • October 14th: O'Neill Sea Odyssey. We sailed onboard a catamaran on Monterey Bay as we learned marine ecology, marine biology and navigation skills. (4-5 chaperones)
  • October 20th: Independence High School Planetarium program (Walk). 2 chaperones needed.
  • October 30th: Dia de los Muertos workshop at the Los Lupenos Studio to learn about the Mexican cultural tradition of Day of the Dead.
  • Friday, November 14th: Our second Eco-Project Hike to Upper Penitencia Creek to do litter clean-up project (2-3 chaperones).
  • January 26thTrip to San Jose Center for Performing Arts for Asian New Year performance by Chinese Performing Artists of America.
  • February 2nd: Jason Project XV Trip to NASA Ames

  • Trip to HP Pavillion 
    aka The Shark Tank 
    Wed. March 10th
    • Dimension Asian Performing Arts March 12th
    • 5th Grade Science Camp at Walden West March 29-April 2
    • 4th grade trip to 
      Mission San Juan Bautista
      Merritt/Gutterman-March 31
      Goldberg/Nakano-April 7
      (Our students go with the class they do Science with)

      Creek Cleanup Hikes
      April 21 (for Earth Day) 

      Westward Ho!
      Our students  became members of a wagon train of the 1840's headed west to California on April 30th.