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A web-based project on animals and plants of the local freshwater, salt marsh and
 marine biology we have studied this year.

1. Research the animal or plant your teacher assigned to you. Use the resource links below as a starting point.

2. Save pictures and your word processed report on a network file or floppy disk to be used  making a  web page.

         You need to include the following:

  • Drawings or photographs of the animal
  • State clearly if the plant/animal is found in fresh water, salt marsh or marine ecosystems.
  • Information in a table form <see the table template>Include all fields
  • A minimum of  1 sentence for each area below in which you 
   a)    Describe the animal as far as appearance, size and scientific classification (such as  "member of the marine mammal family, pinniped")

b)    Describe the biome it lives in as far as location and the place of the animal in it's  natural habitat and in the food chain

c) Food (Digestive System)- What type of food does it eat?  

d) Survival: Write about the Conservation Status of the animal- Is it endangered, threatened, vulnerable, non-threatened ? 
       How is it adapted to survive? (strong, fast, camouflage, etc)

e) Body Systems: Describe, and if possible, use diagrams, to show the following body
   systems for 

  • movement/transportation (fins, wings, feet, muscles, etc.)
  • digestion (how it gets nutrition and processes food into the body) 
  • removal of waste matter (organs designed to dispose of waste)
  • reproduction (just note if eggs are laid or if it is live birth and how long the developing offspring take before hatching or birthing) 
5.  A diagram of the food web in the plant/animal's habitat and the place of the animal in that food web.

6.  A free hand drawing of the plant/animal.  Include its habitat in the background.

7.  A bibliography showing all the resources you used for your report, including the exact source of all images. Use the correct format for listing bibliographic information.  If you're not sure, ask your teacher for examples.

 See Report Rubric to see what grading will be based upon.

Animal Web Page

Using the Power Point Story Board, map out the areas you will need to include.

Use the teacher created Animal web page template and put your information and images in the template.  When you save it, "SAVE AS"  animal_yourname.html  to the file you will store it on.
Your teacher can then help you upload the web page omto the web.


Enchanted Learning:

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Enchanted Learning:

 For all Reports, use Search Engines.:


 To locate photos, try Webshots at