Power Point Story Board:  Animal Project


Name: ______________________
Animal: _____________________

Final Storyboard Checked by teacher _______ (Teacherís Initials)

Slide #1: Title Slide


An Animal report


(your name)


Slide #2: Description of the animal


Slide #3: Description of the biome and ecosystem the animal lives in


Slide #4: Food

What type of food does it eat?...


Slide #5: Survival 

Is it endangered?
How is it adapted to survive?


Slide #6: Body Systems -- Movement/Transportation


Slide #7: Body Systems - Digestion


Slide #8: Body Systems - Excretory System


Slide #9: Body Systems - Reproduction


Slide #10: Conclusion (Summarize)


Additional Slide (if needed)



(List sources of information and source of images used in the power point)


Sources of images:Do not use images not approved by teacher if copyright protected


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