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Name of your Subject

After opening this page, change the writing and images for your biographical profile.  Write the report in paragraph form.  That means at least 5-6 related sentences in each paragraph.  Each paragraph should have a  topic sentence, 3-5 detail sentences that explain or prove the topic sentence and finally, a concluding sentence which restates and reinforces the topic sentence.

He was born... write a paragraph with important facts about his/her life and his family and his  or her education

Include a timeline of the person's life.

His most important accomplishments...write about what he or she was most famous for, whether it be for developing microwave popcorn, singing, being a civil rights leader, or whatever.  Again write a complete paragraph.

Next... another paragraph on Qualities that made the person interesting. What are some qualities that made the person worth reading about?  Use descriptive adjectives and adverbs to describe the person and what they did.

Your choice of a final paragraph.  You can write the paragraph and tell the reader why you admire or do not admire this person.  Be sure to write an entire paragraph.

    Use the correct form of bibliography citation for the book and other sources you used.  Also, see Bibliographical citation forms.
Books  (Author(s) / Title / City of Publication / Publisher / Year it was published

Rausch,  William.  Popcorn King  New York: Simon & Simon, 1989

Web Sites   (article name / Name of Website / Date website updated / Date you got the information /  Entire URL address  <http....................>

"Caret." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. 28 April 2006. 10 May 2006 <>.

Images / Photos

Give as much information of the source of the image, NOT of the search engine (such as Yahoo! or Google) from webpage

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