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Assumed Colonial Identity Project < Brochure

Assumed Colonial Identity Project
Colonial Project Brochures

  On this page, we focus on the brochures of our students' Assumed 18th Century Characters.

  The brochure for each character includes the following elements-

Main Project Page with Guideline and Rubric Links as presented to the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute
Brochure Rubric

A scanned version of a student brochure on the life of an actual Colonial Williamsburg character.



Meet our Assumed Identities in a Brochure


CD-Rom Resources
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2001
Microsoft Encarta Africana 2000
Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute 2001
World Book Millenium Edition
Groliers Encycopedia 1999

Web Sites Colonial Williamsburg Foundation  A Day in the Life  Learn about everyday Colonial life Library of Congress Infoplease on line encyclopedia & almanac Many great links on many topics San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

Support and training for this project were provided by the following:

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Intel Teach to the Future
National Semiconductor's Global Connections Course
Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT)

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