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Assumed Colonial Identity Project

<Colonial Person's Name>

<as told by _________(your name)>

Courtesy of the Colonial Williamsburg
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Using Netscape Composer, Front Page or another editor, change the sections so that it is YOUR colonial person's story on this page.  When you finish or take a break, be sure to SAVE  AS it to 31/2 Floppy A with the teacher supervising, to make sure you save it as your identity.

My Life in Colonial Virginia

The Story of My Early Life
<Redo with your information>
     I was born into the world on the ___th day of ____ in the year of our Lord 17___.

As is usual for people of my social class...


My Work

Courtesy of the Colonial Williamsburg 
Foundation 2002.
My duty in life is to.....

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one from your file. 
Be sure to link it and cite the source.>



My Family

     When I .....


My Thoughts on the Debate
on Independence or Loyalty


My Diary Entry


Quilt Panel

<Insert image of your panel if you have one--get it from the teacher>


Time Line


Printed Resources: Books

<Author Last Name, Author First Name. Full Title of Book (in italics). City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication.>
Jones, Veda Boyd. Thomas Jefferson: Author of the Declaration of Independence. New York: Chelsea House, 2000.


Printed Resources: Encyclopedia

"Jefferson, Thomas." Encyclopedia Americana. Vol 16. 1985 ed. 

CR-Rom Resources

"Article Title." CD-Rom Name. Format. City: Company, Year.
"Slavery." Encarta. CD-ROM. Seattle: Microsoft, 2001.

On-line Resources: Websites
  • Author(s)."Article Title." Name of web site. Date of posting/revision. Name of             institution/organization affiliated with site. Date of access <electronic addre
Images Used  (also put name of source under the image with the link to the source)

Index of Colonial Persons
Martha Washington
Smithsonian Institution 2000