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Animal Report on Sea Otters



Sea Otters



                          Sea Otters are found in Ocean water, which includes California. The Sea Otter is a mammal because it dives down to get food and goes back up to eat and breathe. The Sea Otter was almost extinct and it is still endangered also were threatened nearly in the 1900. But now Otter’s are spreading nearly 2,000 and over 226 km, 140 miles because the Monterey Bay areas are protecting them.
The Scientific classification of the sea otter is: Kingdom-Animalia, Phylum-Chordata, Subphylum-Vertebrata, Class-Mammalia, Order-Carnivora, Family-Mustelidae, Genus-Enhydra, Specific Epithet-lutris Species –Enhydra lutris.

The female Otters  weighs about 45 pounds, and the male Otters weighs about 65 pounds.

 Sea Otters favorite foods to eat are Sea Urchins, Crabs, Clams, Abalone, Mussels, and snails. Things that eat the Sea Otters are Sharks, Sea Otters use  rocks to open their shellfish food. Sea otter food chains are carnivores, and, At times, omnivorous, meaning they feed on both animal and Plant food. They are the top-end predators in the nearshore Marine Ecosystem. Sea Otters feed on many prey items.

Sea Otter movements are very fast when it’s under water looking for food deep under the ocean. The Sea Otter adaptation is the Sea Otter lives in cold water, so that’s why it has thick fur to keep it warm. That’s all about Sea Otter.

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