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Our Fresh Water Projects

Bird: Snowy Egret
(.ppt) by Joshua
Raccoon by Dennison
Field Mouse (.ppt)
by Aileen
Insect: Mosquito (.ppt)
by Danny
Bird: Duck
(.ppt) by Brittany
Banana Slug
 (.ppt) by Oscar
Bird: Red
Shouldered Hawk
(ppt.) by Zack
 Pacific Tree Frog
(.ppt) by Kiet
Bird: Green Heron
Fish: Trout
(.ppt) by Melanie

Project Objectives

Core Understandings
  • Our area has many different water ecosystems.
  • Each ecosystem has unique plants and animals adapted to that environment.
  • Each ecosystem has interdependent organisms.
Learning Objectives
  • The Students will be able to research different water ecosystems in our area.
  • The Students will be able to analyze different water ecosystems in our area.
  • The Students will be able to write reports about different water ecosystems in our area.
  • The Students will be able to work cooperatively in groups both within class and collaboratively with groups in other classes.
Content Standards for this Project


The watershed, marshland, San Francisco Bay and the coastal areas of the Bay Area are the dynamic areas we studied in this project..

Mr. Curry's 5th Grade (web)
Vinci Park School
Berryessa Union School District
San Jose, CA

Our class lives up to our school name, the Vinci Park Explorers, as we explore the world around us through trips and virtually through the world wide web.


Riparian Ecosystem
  Fresh Water: Penitencia Creek and the Guadalupe River
    We studied about our local watershed.  We adopted our local creek, Upper Penitencia Creek and helped clean it up a few times during the year. 
    Some of our GATE students participated in the BioSITE program in studying the Guadalupe River, which is the major river flowing through San Jose on its way to the salt marsh and eventually into SF Bay and out into the ocean.  They measured, at both upstream and downstream at 3 different times of the year the pH levels, salinity, turpulence and speed of the river.

   Santa Clara Audubon Society
    USGS Bird Identification Index
San Jose Penitencia Creek project
  Map of Upper Penitencia Creek
 Our Class Projects
biositeAs part of our school's GATE program,  a number of our students participated in the BioSITE After Class Explorations program.    Scientific testing by students included dissolved oxygen, rate of flow, pH, depth, water temperature, and turbidity (dissolved solids) of the water in the Guadalupe River in downtown San Jose.  Special thanks to the Children's Discovery Museum BioSITE program and to their sponsors for making this opportunity possible.

Photos of our BioSITE trip (click the photo to enlarge)
bio1 bio2

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