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Language Arts 6

Literary Response
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Social Studies 6
6.1  Prehistory
6.2  Mesopotamia/Egypt
6.3  Ancient Israel/Hebrews
6.4  Ancient Greece
6.5  Ancient India
6.6  Ancient China
6.7  Ancient Rome

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Standard 3.0 Literary Response and Analysis

Story:  Blanca Flor
Focus:  Standard 3.2 Conflict and Resolution

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Context Words:

- a forest spirit

don / Don
-in Spain, a title of respect


Summary: This folk tale, originally from Spain, tells the story of  true love overcoming the obstacles set up by the villainous Don Ricardo.

Consider the following Plot Elements
Setting: Once upon a tme.... in the woods
Characters: Juanito, Blanca Flor, Don Ricardo
Conflict:  Juanito has to perform several tasks in order to free Blanca Flor from the evil Don Ricardo
Climax: Blanca Flor and Juanito must escape and have to deal with a curse
Resolution: Juanito and Blanca Flor fall in love all over again and they live...(hey it is a fairy tale!)
Question Preview:
  1. While waiting in the forest, Juanito comes upon a fairy spirit who trick him out of his--
  2. When Blanca Flor meets Juanito, she tries to convince him to--
  3. Blanca Flor is Don Ricardo's --
  4. Why does Blanca Flor spit 3 times into the fireplace?  
  5. How does Don Ricardo know that the work he gives Juanito must have been completed by Blanca Flor?
  6. Blanca Flor and Don Ricardo have in common that they both have the ability to do
  7. It is important that Blanca Flor and Juanito leave the borders of Don Ricardo's land because his magic only works ___
  8. Blanca Flor fears that if she doesn't break Don Ricardo's curse, that Juanito will _______her and m_____ someone else.
  9. While seeking his fortune, Juanito finds-- 
  10. At the end of the story, Juanito-- 
  11. What are some ways in which Don Ricardo shows his evil qualities? 
  12. When Juanito first meets Don Ricardo, why does Juanito stay even though Don Ricardo threatens him? 
  13. How does Blanca Flor resolve the conflict of Juanito not remembering her?
  14. Which of Blanca Flor's character traits have the greatest effect on the resolution of the conflict?