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Language Arts 6

Literary Response
Informational Text
Word Skills: Vocabulary


Social Studies 6
6.1  Prehistory
6.2  Mesopotamia/Egypt
6.3  Ancient Israel/Hebrews
6.4  Ancient Greece
6.5  Ancient India
6.6  Ancient China
6.7  Ancient Rome

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Standard 3.0 Literary Response and Analysis

Story:  Blanca Flor
Focus:  Standard 3.2 Conflict and Resolution

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Quick Printable Quiz of Story
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Summary:  From

Consider the following Plot Elements
Setting: Modern day in the United States in the Gleason's house, a restaurant, the Lin's house and at a Dairy Queen
Characters: the narrator (unnamed), Meg Gleason, the Lin family, the Gleason family
Conflict:  the narrator wants to blend in as an American
Climax: at the Lakeside restaurant and then at the Lin's dinner party
Resolution: Meg tells the narrator that "All Americans slurp" which makes the narrator feel that she really is an American, despite her familiy's culture.
Question Preview:
  1. What are some  ways that the Lins embarrass themselves at the Gleasons?
  2. Mrs. Lin’s approach to learning English is learn just a few --
  3. Which of the following describes the main reason why the narrator wants to wear jeans?
  4. The narrator’s main hope throughout the story is that — 
  5. What did her family do that embarrassed the narrator at the Lakeview restaurant? 
  6. What is humorous and ironic about the PTAmeeting where the teacher speaks highly
    to Mr. and Mrs. Lin about their daughter?
  7. While they’re at each others’ houses, what is similar about the way the Gleasons and Lins eat ?
  8. What does the narrator realize during the Gleasons’ visit to the Lins’ house?
  9. At the Dairy Queen, the narrator is surprised that Meg also--
  10. At the end of the story, what did Meg tell the narrator which made he feel surprised and relieved? 
  11. What is a likely theme of the story?