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Language Arts 6

Literary Response
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Word Skills: Vocabulary


Social Studies 6
6.1  Prehistory
6.2  Mesopotamia/Egypt
6.3  Ancient Israel/Hebrews
6.4  Ancient Greece
6.5  Ancient India
6.6  Ancient China
6.7  Ancient Rome

Resources for Holt Language ArtsReading

Standard  3.5 Identify the speaker and recognize the
difference between first-and third-person narration
(e.g., autobiography compared with biography).

Story:  Storm
Focus:  Standard 3.5

Look at the attributes of an autobiography

  • The narrator is first person, speaking about his or her own life.
  • It is non-fiction, meaning it is real.

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1.4  |  2.3  |    3.5  |  1.0
Storm from Woodsong by Gary Paulsen

by Gary Paulsen

Read and listen to an interview with Gary Paulsen about his autobiography, Woodsong, from which the selection Storm was taken.

❑ Storm pp. 244–253
❑ Before You Read p. 244
Focus On: questions and activities p. 252  (Scaffolded response guide)
❑ Vocabulary: Prefixes p. 253
❑ Grammar : Using Good and Well Correctly p. 253
❑ Interactive Reading p. 188
Question Preview:
  1. Paulsen thinks Storm is a special dog because — 
  2. What trick does Storm play on the dog next to him?   
  3. Why does Storm “smile” when Paulsen puts his hat on?
  4. What does Paulsen mean when he describes Storm as having “scale eyes”?
  5. When the stove is being loaded, Storm — 
  6. Storm growls at the stove because —
  7. Which pronoun does the narrator use to refer to himself as the first person narrator?
  8. What term describes the kind of narration used in this selection?
  9. Which passage provides the best evidence that Storm, even though he is a dog, can communicate with his owner?
  10. What kind of writing is this selection, Storm?