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Olympic Winners!

Our students won the most points to win the 5th grade division of the first ever Vinci Park Olympics.

Olympic Results

Congratulations on the overall 5th grade Olympic winners, OUR CLASS!!

Soccer Shoot
1st Place: Albert V.
3rd Place: Mannu
Soccer Dribble: 1st Place- Daniel 
3rd Place- Nickolas  3rd Place- Cindy
Basketball Dribble: 1st Place- Mannu  
2nd Place- Regina
Football Toss: 2nd Place: Albert V.
Softball Toss: 1st place-Regina  1st Place- Mannu
Sit Ups--1st Place: Lina
Hula Hoop First Place: Anudeep
Standing Jump: 2nd Place- Regina   
                  1st Place- Donald 
                                3rd Place- Rhyan S

Monkey Bar Cross: 1st Place- Nickolas
Potato Spoon Race: 1st Place- David  
                      2nd Place- Douglas
One Leg Jump Rope: 3rd Place- Gabrielle  
Shuttle Run: 3rd Place- Donald
Basketball Shoot: 1st Place- Regina  
                    2nd Place- Rachel 
                    3rd Place-Anudeep
50 Yard Dash: 3rd Place-Mannu
Baton Relay: 1st Place
    Rachel, Nickolas, David, Regina

Our Jamaican team won the biggest event of 
the Olympics, the baton relay race.
Our students all made great efforts in all events.

More Pictures at www.everyschool.org/vinci
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The Final Week of School: June 9-13

Monday June 9th
Finish e-portfolios
Return text books
Finish sets & costumes for Tuesday
Rehearse Colonial Program for Tuesday

Tuesday June 10th   Evening Class Dinner and Program in Multi  6-7:30 P.M. for all families
Kickball Game -- 5th Graders VS. Staff 8:30-9:45 A.M.
View e-portfolios and share
Final dress rehersal for Colonial Program
Ice Cream Party from Walden West for our selection as the Eco-Action Award winners
Cook Sweet Potato Muffins 

Wednesday June 11th   <Early Dismissal 1:15 P.M.>
Take home all materials that are not property of the school
Clean desks and chairs (wear appropriate clothes for scrubbing)
View DVD (title TBA)
Rehersal for Thursday's Recognition Ceremony

Thursday June 12th   <Early Dismissal 1:15 following Recognition ceremony>

Closing activities and end of the year sharing
Recognition Ceremony and Reception Noon-1:15 in Multi-Purpose Room for Parents

Friday June 13th <Early Dismissal 1:15> Last Day of School

5th Grade Picnic at Flickinger Park
Return to school in time for report cards and 1:15 dismissal