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4th Grade
California Mission Project

Vinci Park School 4th Grade Mission Model Project Guidelines

If a student chooses to do a mission model, it MUST NOT be from a kit purchased at a craft store or other store.  Instead, it may be made of cardboard, craft sticks, clay, mud or other materials.

Downloadable Mission San Diego Model(pdf)  .

Great sample of mission models from a class in Milpitas .

Uncommon Mission Ideas for Mission activities from SBC/PacBell- Exceleent Teacher Resource.


Resource Links

Mission Art

California Missions

California Mission History (links for each Mission)

California Missions On-Line Project

California Mission Internet Trail  .

Cyber Serra Virtual Mission Tour   .

Lakeshore School California Missions

Cyberfair/GlobalSchoolHouse Mission site  .

Ca.Missions Links -A great collection of links on the Missions

Overview of California Spanish-Mexican eras to Gold Rush   .

Image search engines:   Google Images      


Thinkquest Sites:  California Ohlone people  .California Missions  (easy). California Missions  .

The debate
Should students be required to build mission models, which many people see as symbols of European domination and genocide over the native peoples of California??
Read this perspective from .
In Mr. Curry's class, students have many options in showcasing their knowledge of California history.  These options include the traditional mission model, a research report, a power point presentation, a clay relief map of California and any other approved student proposal.
Mission Power Point Presentation

   Teachers may use this project either in place of or in addition to any other Mission Project.

Students will use the books and the resources on this page to gather information on their selected mission.

Power Point Resources

Mission Power Point Storyboard outline

Mission Storyboard Rubric.

Mission Power Point Template.  To save to your file, right click on the link and "Save Target As" to the file you want to save it to.  Be sure to rename it as mission_yourname 

Mission Power Point Rubric

Samples of other Mission Power Points 
Missions    .

Mission Web Page Presentation

After doing research and collecting image(s), you can use the template below and modify with the information and images for your mission.  Use the Power Point storyboard above to record the information you will need to do your page.

Web Page Template 

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