Lang. Arts/Social Studies Gr.7

Lang. Arts/Social Studies Gr.8

MOUSE Squad Service Elective   



The Piedmont MOUSE Squad is a new trimester long elective which is focused on training students in working collaboratively in learning and practicing skills which will help the school's technology needs and those of their families and communities.


We will be using a project based learning style of discovery learning, based on the concepts of cooperative learning.

Students will develop their skills in communicating and problem solving in a real world setting.

Students will develop their writing skills through frequent writing, using appropriate grammar and writing conventions to respond to real world requests to our Help Desk.

Students will develop skills in doing collaborative work in diagnosing minor computer problems, developing an action plan, carrying out an action plan and then analyzing the success of that plan or the refinement of the plan.

Corrolation to CA Standards
Curriculum Modules