5th Grade Math Final Project
Math Project developed by rdcurry


Movie Math

Student Word Problems
by: Rhyan S., Nickolas, David, and Douglas

Title of  Project:
Movie Math


Problem # 1: If  "Matrix:Reloaded" lasts for 2 hr. 10 min. and shows at 4:10 pm; and if "Lord of the Rings" lasts for 3 hr. 5 min. and starts at 3:20 pm; which will end first?


Problem #2: If the tickets for "Lord of the Rings" cost $7.25 each and the tickets for "Matrix:Reloaded" cost $6.50 each; which will cost more: 7 tickets to "Lord of the Rings" or 9 tickets to "Matrix:Reloaded"?


Problem#3: At the concession stand, you can get only one type of drink, one type of candy, and one type of snack. These are your choices:
Drinks Candies Snacks
Water Nerds Nachos
Soda Licorish Hot Dog
Milk Shake/Smoothie Chocolate Bar Popcorn
Hot Chocolate/Coffee Nestle Brand Candy Ice-Cream
Ice-e M&M's Chicken Nuggets
How many different combonations can you make?


Problem #4: You're going to watch "Shrek" with 10 other people, and each ticket costs $7.05 for adults and $5.75 for kids. 5 of the people are kids, and you and the other 5 people are adults, how much would you pay in total for everyone?



Conclusion: Hope you can figure it out in one day bwahahahahahaha..............uhhhhh......okay.........bye now............kthxbi



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