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     I, as a member of the second grade teaching team, am proud of the fact that we all work together well, and also have a common goal in mind- - success for our students in learning and life skills. <Modify this area with what you want to say>

In our classes of very diverse second graders, we attempt to instill the "six pillars of character," as well as class unity and understanding of others' differences and strengths. 

We are using a Language Arts/Reading series by Houghton Mifflin. Reading will focus primarily on comprehension, decoding, fluency, and vocabulary. Students are grouped according to their skill level of reading proficiency, with each teacher having a group of students with similar reading skills. We accomplish this by having groups rotate on a regular basis throughout the year, known to us as "Reading Rotations." 

We attempt to strengthen writing skills by providing writing opportunities in the classroom and at home. Step Up to Writing helps to aid us with the "mechanics" of writing - capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling. Writing journals provide a more creative outlet, as well as special writing projects - both narrative and expository. 

Our Harcourt Math series is a standards based program that helps prepare our second graders for use of problem solving skills, from knowing number sense to place value, to early understanding of use of multiplication. 

Our "Team" also covers the Science curriculum of bats/life cycles, plants earth forces, sound, force and motion, as well as nutrition. In the fall, the classes enjoy creating "Body Books" wherein our students learn about the various systems in our bodies. 

In conjunction with our Social Studies series, we are usually able to take several field trips, including one to the Post Office. We also invite several guest presenters to our classrooms. We also team teach P.E. and we give students plenty of opportunity to express their creativity through regular art activities.

2nd Grade Curriculum

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