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 Our Curriculum

We use the 
following instructional materials:
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Harcourt Math
Place value, Estimation, Algebra, Graphing, Time, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Patterns, Decimals, and Measurement. 
Houghton Mifflin Reading and Language Arts Program
Literature, Writing, Spelling, Decoding Skills, Handwriting, Grammar, Comprehension, 
and Vocabulary.
Social Studies
Harcourt Social Studies California
Native Americans, Explorers, the Missions, the Gold Rush, Statehood, and Modern California. 
Houghton Mifflin Science
Earth's Land, Populations and Ecosystems, Solid Earth, Magnetism and Electricity 



The Berryessa Union School District has 10 elementary schools and 3 Middle Schools in the north east section of San Jose, CA

Our school's 4th grade program for this school year will have an exciting curriculum that will help each student to maximize his or her potential.  We have an outstanding, hardworking and very dedicated grade level staff.

Our students are involved in different activities, which include Art, Instrumental Music, and P.E. 
We also study our great state of California including the Native Tribes, the California missions and the Gold Rush.
Hands-on activities, encouraging creative thinking, learning self-respect and respect for others, appreciating cultural diversity, and taking pride in our school's cooperative spirit will lead to a happy and motivated student!!! 

In the spring, our our student will display what they have learned this year in Science.

Meeting the varying needs of students:Teachers do all they can to meet the wide range of needs of our students.  Examples of differentiated instruction include:
  • Title I assistance for students in Reading and/or Math
  • English Language Development differentiation for our students who are still in the process of learning English

  • Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program which seeks ways to challenge students who show exceptional cognitive ability in multiple intelligences.

  1. Raise your hand if you need help.
  2. Work quietly and cooperatively.
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Winter Break       Dec 18, 2004 - Jan 2, 2005

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