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North American Slavery Through the Eyes of the Enslaved

A Project Based Learning Unit designed  for grades 5-8

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Room 3 Home Page

Room 31 Class
Home Page (2004-2005)

This unit was created by Rob Curry of Vinci Park School, Berryessa Union School District
San Jose, CA .  It was first used by students in that class.
The Class of 2003-04 is a community of students of diverse backgrounds.  Our students represent varied cultures from The Philippines, Vietnam, China, Mexico, and India in that order.  Of our 28 learners, all are either immigrants or the sons and daughters of immigrants.  Over 80% started school speaking a language other than English. 

Since 2005, Mr. Curry has been teaching History at Piedmont Middle School, also in the Berryessa Union School District in San Jose, CA.
Our school is a Title 1 school and is part of the 13 school Berryessa Union School District in the north east section of San Jose, CA.