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North American Slavery Through the Eyes of the Enslaved

A Project Based Learning Unit designed  for grades 5-8


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This unit was created by
Robert Curry
Piedmont Middle School
Berryessa Union School District
San Jose, CA



  • Students will research the information using the resources provided as well as other books, web sites, music, art and photographs and the provided research form.
  • Rubric for Research
Story Board Building
  • Students will work collaboratively in adapting the  provided storyboard template.  They will draw upon the researched information and media elements in designing the storyboard for the Power Point.
  • Rubric for Story Board
Power Point/Video Documentary
  • Students will use the provided template to create  their Power Point, which they designed in making their storyboard. 
  • Students will incorporate multimedia elements in their Power Point presentations, including spoken sound, music, photographs, artwork, and possibly video.
  • Advanced students will be encouraged to create short documentary videos using Microsoft's Photo Story 3 and Windows Movie Maker (PC) or iMovie (MAC).  The Power Point storyboard and rubric can be used for the video project as well.
  • Students will present their power points to the entire class along with an oral presentation.  If possible, students will also present their power point to the wider educational community.
  • Rubric for Power Point
Summative Reflection
  • Reflecting upon the knowledge acquired by doing this project, students will write individual compositions to express what they learned by doing these activities.
  • During the project, students will keep a group "project journal" which will detail what they did during each class work session and note what they need.  As they work on each section of the project, they will be assessed using the provided rubrics.  They will use the rubrics to help guide their continuing work and revisions.  At the end of the project,  the teacher will use the rubrics to assess the entire project. 
Dramatic Reading
The group will do a dramatic reading of the slave narrative or interview, using the transcript.  It is desirable that it be video-taped.