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North American Slavery Through the Eyes of the Enslaved

A Project Based Learning Unit designed  for grades 5-8

Student Work
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This unit was created by
Robert Curry
Piedmont Middle School
Berryessa Union School District
San Jose, CA




Groups will use the provided research resources to do research on a selected slave or former slave. They will use a form to record the information. Upon finishing the research, they will use a rubric to self-assess and peer-assess their research work. They will then turn in their research forms to the teacher who will use the same rubric to assess the group's learning before having them move on to the next activity, creating the storymap for the Power Point.

Power Point Presentations

This sample Power Point can be used as templates and can be adapted for student Power Points on this topic.

Eloudah Oquiano

Exemplary Student Work

Walter Calloway (group 1)

Student Work on Our Class Moodle

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Dramatic Reading Activity

After the Power Point is done, groups will rehearse a dramatic oral reading of their chosen character. They are encouraged to do it as dramatically as possible and to video tape the dramatic reading.
Digital Video Camera was not available to capture dramatic reading

Summative Composition

Each student will write in a journal throughout this project. 

At the end, they are to write a 3 paragraph essay describing what they learned by doing this project.