State Float


A Floating Parade

In celebration of the rich heritage and emblems of their state, students design model state floats for the parade. Each student should decide what the float will communicate to observers, then draw pictures of the float, and finally make a model of the float. Each model should be put on display and accompanied by an index card that explains the design and details of the float.

For instance, a float of Florida might feature pictures or paper models of oranges, palm trees, alligators and some state emblems. Likewise, Louisiana would feature a jazz and Mardi Gras theme and New York the Statue of Liberty.

Research To help plan the float, students need to research basic info on the state.

State Flag

State nickname (such as The Sunshine State or The Golden State)

Famous landmarks, attractions or events

Other symbols such as state tree, flower, emblem, etc.

Decide on a theme or design


Students start with a box (cereal or shoe boxes work well)

Cover the box with attractive colored paper

Add symbols, diorama figures (sturdy like tag board or cardboard)

Use your imagination in making it as attractive as possible

Students do NOT have to spend lots of money on materials nor buy figurines.

Due Date: _____________

They will be displayed for Open House on May 1st.