State Outline]



1. Total # of people

2. Rank

3. Density: # of people per square mile

4. Distribution

a. urban (city) ___%

b. rural (country) ____%

c.Circle Graph

5. Largest Cities

a. List

b. Capital

B.Ethnic Groups List groups with percents

C.Languages found in the state List major languages and percents

D.Special Groups found in the state



1. Region (NSEW)

2. Bordered by 

a. states

b. other nations

c. Oceans, bordering lakes

B.Land regions and land forms

C.Bodies of water: rivers, lake, ocean, bays, gulfs

D.Plant and Animal life


1. Temperature:range, average, seasonal

2. Precipitation:rain, snow, humidity

3.Special Condition: blizzards, tornados, hurricanes

III.Economy (How People Make A Living)

A.Natural Resources (Forestry, Coal, Oil, etc.)


C.Agriculture (farming)

1. Crops (list leading crops)

2. Livestock (list leading animals raised)

3. Fishing



IV.History (Paragraph form AND a Timeline)

A.Native People

B.European Exploration/Colonial Period

C.Becoming a part of the United States

D.Becoming a State

E.Major Events


Checklist for writing an outline


qThe introduction states the main topic or idea of the outline.

qEach paragraph in your paper has a sub-topic.

qEach sub-topic describes the main idea for a paragraph. 

qSupporting information and details for a sub-topic are listed under the sub-topic.

qEach piece of supporting information is listed separately.

qWhen supporting information is listed under a sub-topic, there are at least two pieces of information in the list. If there is only one piece of information to support a sub-topic, the information is included in the sub-topic. 

qThe conclusion summarizes the main idea of the outline.


qFor a sentence outline:

Each outline entry is a complete sentence with a period at the end of the sentence.

qFor a topic outline:
Each outline entry is a phrase with no punctuation at the end of the phrase.



qAll words are spelled correctly.

qAll typing errors are corrected.


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