5th Grade Math Final Project
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Vegas Math

Student Word Problems
by: Mannu, Adin

Title of  Project : 
Gambling at Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas  Yeah Baby
Problem # 1:
A guy comes  to Las Vegas with $20,000.  He puts $10,000 in the bank and takes $10,000 to the casino/hotel. He rents a hotel room that costs $175.00 a night, plus food which is $40.00 a meal for three meals per day for two days. Then he goes and spends 25 % of  the $10,000 on gambling. In two days how much money does he have left? 


Problem #2:
A blackjack table is half of a circle, how long across is half of the blackjack table, if the table is a yard and a half across?
(Remember that 1 yard = 36 inches)


A guy comes into a casino with $82,500. He loses half of that gambling and gains 25 % back how much money does he have?


Problem #4:
There is $1,000,000  in a casino safe. A safecracker takes $100,000. He then  gains 50 % of $800 of that money gambling. How much money does he have now?



These are some of the quesions we could think about  casinos. 

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California Mathematics Content Standards for 5th Grade