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Language Arts Math Social Studies Science Art and Music
Farewell Class of 2003
Vinci Park School
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Most of our class went to  Walden West
See what we have done and learned  this year
A Music Video Welcome to the Class of 2003
A New School Year

Real Player "Video Show" gives a preview of 5th Grade.
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See our 2003 Walden West Photos
Colonial Project
Our class on October trip in Santa Cruz
Native American Tribe Project (Sept-Oct)
Explorer Report (Oct-Dec)
A Web Based Unit on our class wide novel: Hatchet
Science Camp at Walden West  was May 12-16.
Visit the Walden West website  at: http://www.sccoe.org/waldenwest/home.html
Vinci at Walden West 2003
Take tests in many subject areas, including practice tests designed for our class by
Mr. Curry at

"Secret Word" is:
vincipark Be sure to use your secret number from your tracker as user name.
Walden West
Check out our Solar System Project
Saturn Power Point Web Page

NASA Aerospace Encounter
trip was out of this world!
Tech Museum Lab April 15th
Science Matter Project (Jan-Feb)
Jason XIV Projec
For students & Families Only:
See photos & work on our
"gated" Yahoo! Groups Page
Westward Ho! Field Tri

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Feb 28, 2003
From Shore to Sea
Field Trip to Ames Research Center was on Feb. 3r
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O'Neill Sea Odyssey Cruise October 23rd
A Modern Journey
New Photo Page for 2002-2003 is on a secure Yahoo! Groups page at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/room21_vp/
This is done to ensure student privacy and safety
Join in a virtual trip across America in an Recreational Vehicle (RV).
Join the former governor of Maine, his wife, and two kids as they drive across America. Click on:
Where's Molly?
Check out things at the San Jose Public Library;
It's a Kid's Place!
A Sneak Preview of Middle School
Our graduates are now assigned to
Piedmont Middle School
This year we had pen pals, Steve, and his Army unit, who were stationed in Kuwait and Iraq.
Vinci Park 5th Grade Science
Mr. Curry's Trip Photos of Colonial Williamsburg
Visit Colonial Williamsburg at:
Science, We will study about matter, the "stuff" that all things are made of. We will be studying elements and compounds.&nbsp; Students will "adopt" an atom. They will research the element, design a 3-dimensional model of it, do a Power Point presentation on it and do a display board for it.

     This year, we will have a visiting Astronomer working with our class through Project Astro.&nbsp; Our Astronomer is a rocket scientist (actually an electrical engineer) who works for Lockheed Martin.&nbsp; He received his degrees at UC Berkeley and Stanford.

We will have  a star gazing party on Feb. 3rd at Vinci 6:30-8 PM
Check Out our Matter Project.
Animal Project
Mr. Curry's Photos of the National Zoo
Animal Planet
Weather reports from students' home countries
NEW!!  May 2003
Math Project
Students, in groups, showe what they learned this year in Math by creating some math problems on a theme and then create a web page with their problems.

Math Project Page
Student Work: 
Vegas Math   Movie Math
Check out the games, learning activities and test prep at
Check out these links
Our Year of the Boar Novel Study Unit
Our Weekly Assignment Sheet
Supply List

Meet the Teacher
Colonial History Project, created by Mr. Curry
Research Links for Colonial Project
New!Teacher Resources
Web Scavenger Hunt #1, designed by Mr. Curry
Disneyland Vacation Web Scavenger Hunt #2
designed by Mr. Curry
COOL 2001 slideshow, WELCOME TO ROOM 21
A New School Year

Real Player "Video Show" gives a preview of 5th Grade.
Last Updated: June 24, 2003