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Photo Pages of Vinci at Walden 2003

Mr. Curry's Extremely Enriched Project Based Learning Classroom

Mr. Curry Named National Teacher of the Year by 

President Bush

Mr. Curry poses with President Bush and Assistant 
Secretary of Education Paul Urleg, in front of The White House.

Vinci Park teacher, Mr. Rob Curry, was honored by President Bush this past weekend as the National Teacher of the Year at a White House ceremony. He was recognized for his method of singing to his students as a corrective measure when they are too talkative.  During the ceremony, Mr. Curry was serenaded by singing sensation Snoop Dogg, who happens to be President Bush's favorite rapper as well.
Before leaving for Washington D.C., our teacher is congratulated by Gov. Schwarzeneger

Mr. Curry will be back in school on Monday.

In fact, Snoop Dogg, who is a former student of Mr. Curry, invited our beloved teacher up on stage where Mr. Curry started to "bust a move" just like the ones that inspired Snoop Dogg when he was a shy and quiet student in Mr. Curry's class.  For the finale, President George W. Bush also got into the act and the 3 of them performed a rap together.     
School District Reorganizes Schools in "Another" Questionable Move-

  Vinci Park Will Go Up to 8th Grade Next Year

Current 5th Graders do not get to go on to Middle School.
They will be assigned to/stuck with Current Teachers for 3 more years.

     In a very bold decision, The Berryessa Union School District decided that Vinci Park will become a K-8 school.  That means, of course, that the current 5th graders will be forced to stay here for an additional 3 years and the 4th graders will be stuck here for 4 more years!  The Interum Siperintendent explained that we will add 16 more portables, which of course will mean that we won't have a ptoblem with the bad condition of the field anymore because there won't be any more field!

Vinci Park Advanced Band Wins on Star Search

Led by 5th grade advanced band members, Raymond C. and  violin virtuosos Sean G. and Meg T., our school won the nationally televised Star Search competition last Saturday night.  Their rendition of "German Folk Dance" had host Arsenio Hall leading the audience in a 10 minute standing ovation and hitting them with a perfect 15 digits out of 15 possible.

Mr. Panelli Named by the International Olympic Committe to Oversee the Athens Olympiad

Impressed by the great job he does with the Vinci Park Olympics, Vinci Park teacher Mike Panelli was today named as head of the 2004 Summer Olympics to be held in Athens, Greece this summer.  Having handled the 2003 Vinci Park Olympiad so well, the International Olympic Committee said that Mr. Panelli was the unanimous choice.

Mr. Kenny Silva to Marry JLo? 

     The tabloid newspapers report that pop diva JLo, who previously dumped P. Diddy and Ben Afleck, is now madly in love with Vinci Park 5th grade teacher, Mr. Silva.  Reports state that JLo would quit her career and make the needed sacrifices to live on the salary of a public school teacher.  Mr. Silva denies this rumor emphatically.
Mission Control - We Have A Problem
NASA astronauts were somehow redirected to land the latest space shuttle at Ames Research Center.  Somehow, while Ray and Kimberly were plotting GPS coordinates during our Aerospace Encounter trip last October, that data replaced the shuttle mission's information on the NASA computers for the Space Shuttle. As a result, instead of docking with the International Space Station, the Shuttle Endevour instead landed at Ames Research Center.


Room 28 Shipwrecked on Remote Coastal Island -- 

To be shown as a new Survivor series

Unlike the students from Rooms 30, 31 and 32 who made it back safely from their O'Neill Sea Odyssey trip, Ms. Wong's class has been reported missing and possibly shipwrecked on a mysterious island outside of the Monterey Bay sanctuary.  Their class will be featured on a new reality TV show, Survivor Junior, coming to CBS this summer. Ms. Wong did win the immunity challenge which will last for the duration of the show, so she will remain with the students for all that time.

Creek Eco-Clean-up Goes Wrong: Too Much Trash Cleaned Up Leads to Flooding of the Berryessa Area

The entire 5th grade from Vinci Park school, have taken on the responsibility of helping to clean litter from our local waterway, Upper Penitencia Creek, has caused a problem.  Unfortunately, we did such a good  job that the sudden rain downpour last week flowed so fast that our entire neighborhood was covered in 5 feet of water.  One student responded when asked by the Mercury News, "Ooops!".  Mrs. Lee's class was busy as bees cleaning the creek the week before camp.
New State P.E. Standards Test - 5th Graders to Run mandatory Marathon
    Coach Jackson and CoachDebbie will start testing our 5th graders in April for the newly mandated state PE marathon test.  All 5th graders will be required to run a marathon (approx. 26 miles or 104 laps)in under 5 hours in order to pass PE.  This was the first educational reform under Governor Scwarzeneggar. 
   Our PE teachers will now need to upgrade to Venti sized from Grande as there will be a lot more time to drink coffee as the students run the 104 laps.

All students and their parents are asked to read and be familiar with our 
classroom rules and consequences
which several students hardly bother to follow anyway

Sharkie Accidently Hit by Room 31 Student!

Our class trip to HP Pavillion 
March 10th was a horrible experience for students as a 5th grade student accidently hit Sharkie with a hockey stick.  The girl, who will not be named, explained that she mistakenly thought it was Barney in disguise and she was acting in self-defense.


5th Grade Science Camp
at Walden West:
All Vinci Teachers Get Lost
Eventually found in a local Starbucks, they all say they couldn't deal with their students for 24 hours a day for 5 straight days!  They Say They Have Empathy for Student Parents

Unusual Field Trip Scheduled 
Next Week
    Mr Curry has scheduled for the class to go on a field trip to the Sahara desert to study one of the the world's most remote ecosystems. 
Upon returning, students will be required to -- you guessed it -- create a Power Point report on what they learned.
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