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Name: ________________

Name of Person: _____________________

Final Storyboard Checked by teacher _______ (Teacher’s Initials)

Change/Modify the information to fit your explorer and the information you researched.

Slide 1: Title 

My Biography report on:_________________ 




 by <your name>


Slide 2: Basic Details 

Personal Information
  1. Birthdate and birthplace
  2. Family life
  3. education
  4. occupation(s)

  5. death date and location (if dead)
    Include a timeline of the person's life.


Slide 3: Accomplishments
  • What did the person accomplish that makes him/her memorable
  • What contribution did they make to society.


Slide 4:  Qualities 

Qualities that made the person 

    What are some qualities that made the person worth reading about


Slide 5:  Your Choice
    Choose something about your person to write about that you find interesting.


Slide 6:   Bibliography
    Use the correct form of bibliography citation for the book and other sources you used, including the photos.  Also, see Bibliographical citation forms.

Sources of images: Save to floppy disk. (Do not use images not approved by teacher if copyright protected)


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