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Susan B
                                                  Anthony and Elizabeth
                                                  Cady Stanton Wright Brothers


Students are to read a biography section of the text book about a person who has made some contribution to the United States up through 1918.  When they finish reading the section of the  book, they will be asked to:
  • Complete an outline on the person's life, based on the resource (see outline page).
  • Do further research on the person's life (encyclopedias, the internet, etc--just be sure to note sources in your bibliography) and create a poster biography (11 X 17)
  • Create a Time Line of the person's life to also be placed in the poster. See sample .

EXTRA CREDIT:  You can also do the Biography as a Power Point, Animoto, iMovie or Photo Story with the following Resources:                       
Power Point Resources
1. Power Point Storyboard    .
2. Power Point Biography Template .Be sure to right click on link and "Save Target As"  Save it to your chosen file, making sure to save it as " bio_yourname ".
3. Rubric for the finished Power Point .

View Sample Power Point of Barry Bonds

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