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               Mr. Curry's 7th and 8 Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Classes                                    

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Welcome to a new school year.

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We will also be using Cooperative Learning activities throughout the school year and across the curriculum   to enhance student learning and self-esteem.
Welcome to Piedmont Middle School



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  In Language Arts, we use Holt Language Arts

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Time Travel (Soc St only)

Share Photos and use for
Sample for use on unit
on child poverty

Creating A Better World Project.  Starting in November, student groups will be exploring problems in the world today such as Child Poverty, modern day slavery, gun violence, drug addiction and many other possibilities.  Students will choose a problem, research it and then do a class presentation on the issue, using the photo resources of in making their Photo Story/Short Movie.  The groups will include ways in which we can all do things to help encourage resolution of the problems.
While this project is part of Social Studies, it will incorporate Language Arts Expository and Persuasive writing standards as well as standards for Oral Language and Listening
  Project websites for each group will be created by the students which will feature their group projects.  The projects will be presented in mid-January as we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. and recommitt ourselves to his dream of a better world.

We use the McGraw-Hill/Glencoe textbooks.

Grade 7

Grade 7 Medieval and
Early Modern Times

Grade 8

Grade 8: The American

   Samples below of just a few of the many Project Based Learning units we do each year.

New or updated informationTravel Through Time Project
  In May-June, student teams will create a narrative story about traveling through the various civilizations we have learned about this year.  They then created either a Power Point or  an i-Movie chronicling their journey through time.  Example

This will be our culminating project for the year.

Besides the Travel through Time group projects, students will choose one other individual or 2 person project to work on, mostly at home.

Those projects may include:

  • An illustrated timeline or a Power Point version of a timeline
  • A model of a significant Greek or Roman building
  • A biography of an historically important person of the historical period studied, which can be done as a short video or as a presentation
  • 7th Grade: A replica art work of the Renaissance
  • Creating an Architectural Model
    Students can create a model of an architecturally important building. Web Link

We hope that once again, Piedmont will participate in the

National History Day

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