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Haiku as a Power Point Slide Project

Haiku Project using Flickr
Check out my students' awesome Haiku assignments! Many more will be added .
NEW  Haiku from 6th Grade Class of 2009

Samples from 2007-08


  1. Choose a topic to write a haiku about and brainstorm
  2. Check the literature book for samples...or go online for suggestions at     or at
  3. remember that the normal pattern is a total of 17 syllable and 3 lines and a pattern of
    1. 5 syllables on line 1
    2. 7 syllables on line 2
    3. 5 syllables on line 3
  4. Go online and search for  background pictures at the Creative Commons search portion of FlickR (copyright free) at you can use as a background image that goes with your haiku.
  5. Save that picture to a local disk such as My Documents, My pictures or desktop with a name you will remember.
  6. Open up power point and choose a blank  project.
  7. Insert your photo (from file) and adjust the size as needed from the corner of the image.  Use the brightness tool to lighten if needed
  8. right click on the background and "send to back"
  9. Insert text box and type in your haiku    adjust to the size and font of your choice...change the text color if needed to make it easier to read
  10. Save your work with a unique name such as " bartsimpson_haikumay30_09.ppt "
  11. Attach the ppt as an email attachment and send to the teacher by email or upload it to google docs on our class sure to include your name and class on it. 

Templates/Samples - Easy to Adapt for your project

After going to the linked templates below, save any you wish to use,  Clear off any sample text and adapt it with your haiku.
Be sure to put your name on it.
- A simple background
- Another easy to adapt template
- Disappointed the Sharks did not make the Stanley Cup finals?  Write a haiku about it.
- Seasonal scene of McCovey Cove at the SF Giants ballpark as kayakers get ready to recover homerun balls hit into the bay
     Nature scene of Yosemite
  Great background of Yosemite Falls  (below)

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