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New for 2013-14


Mr. Curry's 5th Grade

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5th Grade Resources for BUSD Adopted Materials

Social Studies/History Projects:
Native American Project
Explorer Project
California Missions Project
Webquest: Patriot or Loyalist?

Slavery Project: "North American Slavery through the Eyes of the Enslaved" Using Primary Source Recordings
State Report Project

Assumed Colonial Identities Project

View our
 "Amazing Aquatic Adventures"
Collaborative Multimedia Project

Winner of the 2005 California Multimedia Festival Award for Multi-Grade Collaboration

What's the MATTER?
5th Graders "adopt" an Element PBL unit
Animal Research Project

Language Arts
Book Reports Using Multimedia
In the Year of the Boar and J. Robinson
Little House on the Prairie
Biography Book Report Project

Great Links for Great Teachers

The following are links created by others that fit well into the Upper Elementary - Junior High Grade Curriculum:

Social Studies

Jamestown Adventure

Explorer Biographies

PBS: Liberty-The Road to Revolution

Am. Revolution Thematic Unit

The Oregon Trail

Country Studies

Explore the States

National Geographic GeoBee Online Quiz

Ben's Guide to the US Government
Grades:  3-5  and  6-8

Science Web Guide

Developed by NSTA WebWatchers, including 2002 team member, Rob Curry.  Funded by :

Solar System

NASA: Solar System Simulator

National Geographic

BBC: Space


BBC: Human Body

Curt's Human Disease Project

Berryessa Union 
School District
Curriculum Resources

4th Grade Resources

5th Grade Resources

Creating Class
Web Pages

Nov 2004 Workshop

BUSD Workshop
March 12, 2003 - Presnted by Rob Curry
Using Technology and Multimedia in the Content Areas

Cyber Safetyfor Kids
A Web Guide from Disney

Here are Resources from my 8 years teaching all subjects in Grade 6 and ELA/SS in grades 6-8
New for 2011-12 Schoolyear
8th Grade Social Studies


From this main page, you will find links to:

Tutorial Units
Text Book Resources
Class Projects (see links to the right)
Class Gradebook
Class Syllabus
Weekly Assignments and Section Resources
and much more
US History Projects
for 8th Grade

Archive: 2010-11 Grade 6 Period 1 Social Studies Only Archive: 2010-11 Grade 6 Periods 3-6 All CORE Subjects
Public Class Web Site
Password Safe PBWorks Site

Password Secured PBWorks Site
Period 1 Weekly Assignment Blog
CORE Weekly Assignment Blog

Older Projects and Classroom Websites

A teaching tool 
whose time has come.
Travel Through Time PBL Unit

Vinci Park School Archive

5th Grade Class Page
Welcome to Room 31
Part 1        Part 2
Faux "News Report"

Class  of 2003  Slide Shows

4th/5th Grade  Combo Class 03-04

Room 34 Class of 2003

Class Slideshow 2002

Room 21 Class of 2001

Room 10 Class of 2000


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