My Element  Power Point
Matter Science Project

Exemplary Student Projects for 2003-04 

Neon by Joey
Aluminum by Sean
Gold by Maria
Silver by Victor
Nitrogen  by Faith

Student Projects for Spring 2003

(Submitted May 2003)
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Exemplary 2003 Projects:

Bromine by Mannu Zirconium by Donald Titanium by Tri
Mercury by Abigail Argon by Esbeidy and Daniel (ELL Levels 2 & 1)  Copper by Marissa

The entire list of projects below are stored on Yahoo Briefcase.

Hydrogen  (H)  Lina 27  Cobalt  (Co)  Albert
2 Helium (He)   David 29 Copper  (Cu)  Marissa
6   Carbon  (C)  Crystal 35  Bromine (Br)  Mannu
7 Nitrogen (N)  Nickolas 36  Krypton (Kr)    Regina
8 Oxygen (O) Giang & Tuyen 40  Zirconium (Zi) Donald
10 Neon (Ne)   Adin 47  Silver  (Ag)  Victoria
11 Sodium (Na)  Ryan H. 50  Tin (Sn)  Mharvin
13 Aluminum (Al)  Gary 54  Xenon (Xe)  Schannel
16 Sulfur (S)   Rhyan S. 78  Platinum (Pt) Anudeep
18 Argon (Ar)  Esbeidy and Daniel 79  Gold  (Au)  Elisa
19 Potassium (K)   Cindy 80  Mercury (Hg)  Abigail
20 Calcium (Ca) Kevin 82  Lead  (Pb)   Douglas
22 Titanium  (Ti)  Tri 88  Radium  (Ra)  Rachel
26  Iron (Fe) Han 94  Plutonium  (Pu)  Gabrielle
95  Americuim  (Am)  Marcos
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